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Lily, 16, Australia. I enjoy laying face down in pools, green tea icecream, and spending all day in bed. also I will judge you on your mash potato.

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I think a bird fell in the snow and then walked away. I think.

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So everyone is always asking me for book recommendations so I decided to make a master post of books (Most are YA books because a large majority of people on here read them). Each book is linked to the goodreads page for it (for series I linked you to the first book) and next to it are the main genres. 
Completed Series: 
Beautiful Creatures - YA, Fantasy, Magic, RomanceBobby Pendragon - YA, Fantasy, AdventureChaos Walking - YA, Sci Fi DystopianCrank - YA, Poetry, Realistic FictionDelirium - YA, Dystopian, RomanceDivergent - YA, Sci Fi DytopianEragon - YA, Fantasy, AdventureGone - YA, Fantasy, Apocalyptic, Sci FiHarry Potter - YA, Fantasy, MagicHush Hush - YA, Paranormal, FantasyInkheart - YA, Fantasy, MagicLegend - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, FantasyMatched - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, RomanceMercy Falls - YA, Fantasy, RomancePercy Jackson - YA, Fantasy, MythologyShatter Me - YA, Dystopian Sci Fi, RomanceThe Chronicles of Narnia - YA, Fantasy, AdventureThe Gemma Doyle Series - Fantasy, Historial Fiction, YAThe Hunger Games - Dystopian, YA, The Infernal Devices - YA, Fantasy, ParanormalThe Maze Runner - YA, Dystopian Sci Fi, Uglies - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, FantasyUnder The Never Sky - YA, Dystopian, RomanceVampire Academy - YA, Romance, Fantasy, Vampires
Uncompleted Series: 
A Song of Ice and Fire - Sci Fi, Fantasy, Adult Bloodlines - YA, Paranormal, Vampires, FantasyThe Culling - Ya, Sci Fi Dystopian, LGBTQ, FantasyDaughter of Smoke and Bone - YA, Fantasy, ParanormalGrisha - Fantasy, YA, RomanceHouse of Night - YA, Fantasy, Romance, VampiresI Am Number Four - YA, Fantasy, ParanormalMara Dyer - YA, Romance, ParanormalMiss Peregrines - YA, Fantasy, Paranormal, MysteryPartials - Sci Fi Dystopian, YA, Post-Apocalyptic The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein - YA, Fantasy, Gothic HorrorThe Archived - YA, Mystery, ParanormalThe Darkest Minds - YA, Dystopian Sci Fi, FantasyThe Mortality Doctrine - YA, Sci Fi DystopianThe Fifth Wave - YA, Sci Fi DystopianThe Heroes of Olympus - YA, Fantasy, MythologyThe Loners - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, Horror, Apocalyptic The Lunar Chronicles - Fantasy, YA, Dystopian Sci FiThe Mortal Instruments - YA, Paranormal, FantasyThe Program - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, RomanceThe Raven Cycle - YA, Fantasy, Paranormal, RomanceThrone of Glass - Fantasy, YA, MagicRebel Belle - YA, Fantasy, ParanormalThe Selection - YA, Romance, DystopianThe Sylo Chronicles - Ya, Sci Fi Dystopian, Fantasy, MysteryThursday Next  - Fantasy, Adult Fiction, MysteryUnraveling - YA, Sci Dystopian, FantasyUnwind - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian
Individual Books:
Along For The Ride - YA, Romance, ContemporaryAn Abundance of Katherines - YA, Romance, ContemporaryAnna And The French Kiss - YA, Romance, ContemporaryBefore I Fall - YA, Contemporary, RomanceBoy Meets Boy - YA, LGBTQ, RomanceBright Shiny Morning - Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Short StoriesEleanor and Park - YA, Contemporary, RomanceEvery Day - YA, ContemporaryFangirl - YA, Romance, ContemporaryHate List - YA, Contemporary, Realistic FictionHow I Live Now - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, WarIdentical - YA, Poetry, Realistic FictionIf I Stay - YA, Romance, Contemporary It’s Kind of A Funny Story - YA, Realistic FictionLock and Key  - YA, Romance, ContemporaryLola and The Boy Next Door - YA, Romance, ContemporaryLooking For Alaska - YA, Romance, FictionNineteen Minutes - Adult Fiction, Realistic Fiction, DramaPanic - YA, Contemporary, Sci Fi DystopianParty - YA, Contemporary, Realistic FictionPaper Towns - YA, Contemporary, RomanceSpeak - YA, Contemporary, Realistic FictionStolen - YA, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, RomanceThe Book Thief - YA, Historial Fiction,The Fault In Our Stars - YA, Contemporary, RomanceThe Giver - YA, Classics, Fantasy, Sci Fi DystopianThe Host - Fantasy, YA, Romance, Sci Fi DystopianThe Killing Woods - YA, Mystery, ThrillerThe Pact - Adult Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Romance, The Perks of Being A Wallflower - YA, Contemporary, Coming of AgeThe Spectacular Now - YA, Contemporary, RomanceThirteen Reasons Why - YA, Contemporary, Realistic FictionTruth About Forever - YA, Contemporary, RomanceWarm Bodies - YA, Romance, Dystopian, HorrorWhite Oleander - Contemporary, Chick Lit, Fiction
Everyone can share this post of course, but I ask for everyone to please leave any negative opinions about any of the books out. 
The bolded books are personal favorites :)
Also, I obviously missed a ton of books, many on purpose, so feel free to add on to this. :)
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“They’re these barefoot, good-looking Western Australians that play cool music.”— Andrew VanWyngarden describing Tame Impala 

ohhhhhhhhh my god

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everytime you think “that’s too big to be a sea bass”

you’re wrong

you are fucking wrong

its always a fucking sea bass

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i turned around to my desk and saw this glory in my magnifying mirror
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fucking zooming in on the cats face like “shit i’ve been trapped”i’m crying
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